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  Humannovations is . . .

Vision, Leadership and Innovation for Healthy Lives and Communities
•founded in the values of community empowerment, social justice and human dignity

• revolutionary approaches to the world's
most challenging problems 

• provoking systems change
• challenging low expectations
• activating the  greatest of human resources– compassion, creativity, courage and community
Humannovations is a social impact company dedicated to transformation of lives and communities for a future that supports health, equality and dignity.

Our mission focus in community empowerment, mental health, social and health equity, and suicide prevention builds on dozens of years of international innovation and leadership.

With cutting edge programs like Growing Through, Activating Hope, and Dignity Recovery Action! International, Humannovations advances health and social justice, through communications, training, community empowerment, and dynamic systems change.

Through expert consultation on strategic development, funding and resource services including grant writing, research, community engagement and training, we amplify the impact of NGOs, non-profits, government agencies, social ventures and institutes of higher learning around the world ...

                         ...where vision and transformation meet

Visionary Leadership        Disruptive Innovation      Powerful Communication           Inpirational Training

Speaking, training, convening

Eduardo Vega delivers impact and inspiration to audiences, stakeholders and policymakers through Keynote presentations, public speaking and training on key issues in social change, health equity, and innovations in mental health and suicide prevention,

Highly sought for his ability to bridge personal story with vision for change, and profound systems insight, Vega has been invited to present by the US Office of the White House, the office of the Mayor of the city of Kobe, Japan, and myriad conferences worldwide.

Innovations in health policy, technical assistance,  and program development. Systems change implementation for health equity, lived experience empowerment, mental health and suicide prevention from a human rights and dignity perspective. 

As grounded in decades of leadership and expertise, we provide convening, community needs analysis, resource and policy development  and key trainings to foster healthy communities where people thrive and grow together.

Red Lever Consulting  & Communications

Custom expert consultation for governments, non-profit and NGOs and social entrepreneurs on key growth and impact objectives

Strategy, Board Development, Grant Writing and Project Management.
Special policy and program projects in health, mental health, advocacy strategy.

Inspired, off-beat and provocative  writings on the most important and challenging issues of our age.

featured programs
      Transforming Suicide Prevention
 When suicide rates continue to rise and hurt it is time for disruptive change.

Red Lever Humannovations, directed by internationally known suicide thought leaders, catalyzes change through  program innovation, training, technical assistance, organizational and policy development. As fueled by the power of 'lived expertise' these leading edge projects can shift the balance to save lives around the world.
Growth through personal crisis and intensity is a natural but often distressing process. People who have been there are uniquely capable, though, of supporting others in their journey and challenges.

Based in best practices for mental health recovery, suicide prevention and crisis intervention, Growing Through! is a transformative peer-based skills training for providing support to others at life's toughest moments,  promoting hope and preventing suicide death.
Suicide death is a difficult and growing problem around the world.

Activating Hope, a project of Red Lever Innovations with the US National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, brings a powerful resource to the challenge of reducing suicide.

Whether you are an individual with lived experience of suicide looking for ways to use your experience, or if you are a leader or organization seeking to integrate that experience to reduce suicide, we are here to help you get to the next step and make a difference by #ActivatingHope in your community.
Heart of the Artist  (2019)
Visual artists, musicians, writers and performers bring their inner worlds and deepest personal experiences into their work of exploring and creating meaning. Far too many, though, also experience stress, trauma and distress, sometimes resulting in long-term mental ill-health, destructive patterns of addiction and death by suicide.

Heart of the Artist– driven by working artists and mental health experts– will foster communities of peer support, development of personal wellness strategies and creative collaborations that support healing in the context of art-making, and the crucial role that artists play in making healthier societies.

"To save lives we must stop preventing suicide..."

Eduardo Vega @ the American Association of Suicidology 2018 TED style Talk



CEO, Eduardo Vega, MA.

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